Friday, September 19, 2008

Japan's capital metropolitan area becomes largest Chinatown

The total number of Chinese people in Tokyo may have exceeded 350,000, nearly half of all the Chinese in Japan. The capital metropolitan area is Japan's largest Chinatown, according to Japan's "Chinese Herald".

With more and more Chinese people gathering in Tokyo, several business networks and districts for Chinese people have taken shape. Chinese "shopping centers" have been formed in areas such as the Ikebukuro Station, Shinjuku Station, Okubo Station, the new Okubo Station, the Akabane Station and other surrounding areas.

More and more Chinese people have bought houses in the Edogawa district, Dong district, Adachi district, and other surrounding areas. Subsequently increasing number of education centers, such as the Chinese language school, school of music, piano school, and so on, have been founded by Chinese people. In Shinjuku area of Okubo district, there are Chinese restaurants, beauty salons, cybercaf├ęs, and so on, forming a business system to serve the Chinese people.

According to incomplete statistics, Tokyo has hundreds of Chinese restaurants run by Chinese people, more than 200 Chinese products stores, more than 50 Chinese barber shops, more than 10 Chinese newspapers, 4 Chinese television stations with 5 channels. This year Internet Protocol Television service is made available to users too .

By People's Daily Online

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